Sailing The Sweetwater Sea

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To a sailor living in the heartland of North America, expansive Lake Superior is an invitation
damn near impossible to resist.

The Sweetwater Sea is very cold, fog banks match those of coastal Maine for swirling density, storm
winds and waves have sent huge ships to the bottom, and safe harbors are few and far between.

schooners in fog

But on the southwestern shore of the Upper Lake the sailing is Superior.

Here is Chequamegon Bay and the Apostle Islands.

And here is always a refuge to be found - from whatever it is you are trying to escape.

Welcome Aboard!

island rock

White sail

"This is one of the loveliest moments of life: the moment after you have shut down the engine of a sailing boat.

The sudden silence always comes as a sweet surprise.

You let the bow fall off the wind, feel the sails fill, feel the boat heel gently for the instant it takes the craft to recognize its new mysterious power, then feel it surge forward, lines taunt, bow rising, sails pulling, gathering momentum now, doing its business, in control, on course."

Charles Kuralt

Tan sail

Resources for sail
power boaters

Board a schooner for
an on-line cruise of
the Apostle Islands

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