Chequamegon Bay and the Apostle Islands

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From this page you are offered two ways to take a closer look at the Apostle Islands.

The image map to the right allows you to visit each of the islands with just a click of your mouse.

You are also invited to board my old (built in 1939) schooner for an on-line cruise of the Apostles.

I am comfortable with the reality that these pages will never be  "finished." There will always be more photos and tales to be shared!

island image map

There are places we will not go on this cruise. For example, I haven't included Madeline, Long, Gull and Eagle Islands. We really must save something for the future!

So here we are at the Bayfield City Dock.

What a fine day this is. The winds are fair, and of course they will blow any way we want them to.

Welcome aboard my schooner.    Let's go sailing!


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