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Visitors new to Bayfield - where most departures to the Apostle Islands
begin - often try to compare what their senses absorb to other places
they have visited, coastal Maine being most mentioned.

But reality is that this place is unique.

It's a tourist destination without tourist traps.

A small community that has no desire to be something they are not.

A region that long ago determined that living in harmony with
Lake Superior and the North Woods was more important to the
quality of their lives than more tangible things.


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Destination? Bayfield!
A Few Newsletters
From Bayfield, Wi

Creations In Wood

Our love affair with the Chequamegon Bay area began in 1988 with an old wood schooner.

We soon bought property for a future retirement home, and in 2002 became residents.

Choosing this area for retirement or business, a growth trend here, often begins with a vacation to the area.

And those decisions arise from the desire for a quality of life missing somewhere else.

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